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Guitar Producer

Welcome to Guitar Producer

Here are finger shapes for 7 chords in the Key of G on guitar. The same shapes apply to all keys so if you learn just these 7 chord shapes - and its really only 5 shapes! - you'll be able to play any song in any key! This by far was the best guitar lesson I ever got so I'm thrilled to pass it on. Check out the Diatonic Harmony chart to see the Diatonic Harmony sequence of the 7 bar chord shapes.


Play the 7 bar chord shapes on guitar in this Diatonic Harmony sequnce and you win!

7 more finger shapes starting on the next string down (the A string) on guitar in the Key of C courtesy of

The 1 Chord

C Major on Guitar

The 2 Chord

D Minor on Guitar

The 3 Chord

E Minor on Guitar

The 4 Chord

F Major on Guitar

The 5 Chord

G Major on Guitar

The 6 Chord

A Minor on Guitar

The 7 Chord

This is the 5 Pentatonic scales on guitar. practuse each set a few times everyday for a few weeks and you can then solo using each scale and always sound good due to the fact that the 4th and 7th scale degree are not included in the scale.

Guitar Pentatonic Scale Pattern 1

Guitar Pentatonic scale pattern 1

Guitar Pentatonic Scale Pattern 2

Guitar Pentatonic scale pattern 2

Guitar Pentatonic Scale Pattern 3

Guitar Pentatonic scale pattern 3

Guitar Pentatonic Scale Pattern 4

Guitar Pentatonic scale pattern 4

Guitar Pentatonic Scale Pattern 5


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